Food Supplements for Medical Purposes


Lifergy Premenstrual

Specifically developed for the premenstrual phase of the women’s cycle

Lifergy Female Hormonal Disorders and Fertility

Hormonal and metabolic disorders, regulation of menstrual cycles and ovulation

Support of normal reproduction and female fertility and ART procedures

Lifergy Preconception

Contains the right balance of high-quality nutrients and vitamins needed to support the natural metabolic processes of normal fertility and reproduction.

Lifergy Pregnancy

Last generation supplementation specifically developed for pregnancy.

Lifergy Postpartum and Lactation

New advanced supplementation settled to promote lactation.

Lifergy Menopause

A selection of specific assets for pre-menopause and climacteric symptoms.

Non-hormonal formulation.

Lifergy Menopause Vaginal Gel

A selection of specific assets for pre-menopause and climacteric symptoms.

General Practice

Lifergy Sleep & Relax

Triple effect on sleep, anxiety, and stress, without causing addiction or dependency

Lifergy Urinary Tract Health

International reference pharmaceutical product for urinary tract infections

Lifergy Iron

Iron suplementation with a natural glycoprotein with iron binding ability.

Lifergy Magnesium

Pregnancy | Muscular System | Nervous System | Bone Metabolism


Lifergy Fertility and Male Reproduction

Developed specifically for the support of the normal spermatogenesis process, fertility and male reproduction.

Lifergy Prostate Health

  • Prostate Health
  • Anti-Inflamatory action