Food Supplements for Medical Purposes

Our Food Supplements for Medical Purposes business develops and markets consumer preferred and expert recommended brands in women’s health category.

We have a portfolio of loved and trusted brands that are underpinned by science including: LifeCare Preconception, LifeCare Pregnancy, LifeCare Lactation, LifeCare Female Hormonal Disorders & Fertility, LifeCare Male Fertility and LifeCare Menopause.

Explore our brands for more information. We list many – but not all – of our products.

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  • LifeCare Preconception
  • LifeCare Pregnancy
  • LifeCare Lactation
  • LifeCare Female Hormonal Disorders & Fertility
  • LifeCare Male Fertility & Reproduction
  • LifeCare Menopause

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