Our strategy & marketplace


Our strategy is to research and produce innovativehigh-quality and needed consumer healthcare products, making these as accessible as possible to countries at all levels of income and development.

To do this we focus on excellence in innovation to develop world class brands, and on building our reputation through best in class interactions with our partnersretailers, distributorshealthcare professionals and shoppers.

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The global pharmaceutical & consumer health products market is vast.

Today, people are taking an increasingly active role in managing their own health. This is being fuelled by an emerging global middle class, rising healthcare costs and ageing populations. Demand for consumer healthcare products is growing, mostly in emerging markets where consumers are seeking more affordable and accessible products.

This trend of increasing demand is expected to continue as the world’s population grows, economies in the emerging markets become more prosperous and global changes in lifestyles affect long-term health.

Consumer healthcare products are dependent on brand loyalty and trademark protection.

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